Sunday, January 11, 2015

First You Must Question

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I’m going to insult your intelligence today.

No, seriously, I am. Because today I’m going to be talking to all of you who truly, firmly and completely think you base your world views on science, rational thinking, and a solid grasp of reality. I’m talking to those of you who claim to reject anything but that which can be empirically proven, mathematically defined, and subject to verified repeatable experiments. To those of you who believe that SCIENCE (note the emphasis) holds all the answers.

I deal with a lot of people like you. In fact, I recently wrote an article called “Against Consensus” which was deliberately targeted to draw fire from precisely those people who believe that “consensus” has any value at all in science. Today, I’m going to address those of you who rather rigidly think that “Science has all the answers.”

Don’t get me wrong. Science, as it is SUPPOSED to be practiced is the absolute best tool we have for discovering the underlying mechanisms of the universe, and how to exploit them to our advantage. The problem lies in the fact that for too many branches of science, certain “belief systems” have become set in stone, and no matter how much evidence exists that falsifies certain “theories”, the “true believers” will not allow questioning, or permit examination of any evidence that could prove these “core beliefs” wrong.

I am quite well aware I am setting myself up to be attacked here. I know all too well that I’m likely to be called every name in the book, and that attempts to ridicule what I am trying to say will fill the comments sections. But the fact still remains that “science” has been eclipsed by “Scientism”. Pure rational investigation without predetermined outcomes has almost vanished from many fields.

Take Astronomy, for example. I lost faith in Astronomy a long time ago. Why? Because there is a problem in Astronomy that no-one is willing to address. That problem? The fact that the observable mass of the universe CANNOT account for the behavior of the OBSERVED universe. To clarify, if we take every last bit of matter we can see, we cannot explain its behaviors using conventional gravitational theories, in which the SOLE FORCE is gravity. This “Missing Matter” question has existed since my childhood, and it is still not solved.

But wait you say, what about dark matter? The problem with Dark Matter, provided you are actually willing to examine the concept honestly, is that it is a mathematical ghost. It’s value is constantly being altered to “make the math work” in order to prop up a failed theory. Over the course of my lifetime, it has been altered so many times, and had more mathematical fictions like “Dark Energy” and “Dark Flow” added to it, that the universe is now made up of over 97% “dark somethings” whose values are constantly being altered every time new astronomical discoveries are made.

There’s just one small problem. Despite BILLIONS of dollars spent doing ever more expensive research, not one single CONCLUSIVE bit of evidence for dark matter exists. And I will be willing to bet it never will be, because it is nothing more than a mathematical figment of the imagination. And before you try to tell me that it’s the only explanation, let me refer you to an alternate theory, which doesn’t require you to believe in one single bit of “invisible, undetectable, and unproven dark matter”. It’s called the Electric Universe Theory.  And I am going to ask you to actually read it, thoroughly, before dismissing it.

I am, however, quite certain that none of you will. I’ve had far too much evidence of how unlikely it is to actually expect anyone to do their research prior to blindly defending their faith to expect otherwise.

This same issue exists in other fields as well. All across the “pure sciences” numerous belief systems have cropped up, each of which is “set in stone” and no matter what evidence is found which challenges these beliefs, that evidence is viciously repressed in order to prevent falsification of the “status quo”. Second only to Astronomy, Archeology rabidly victimizes any person who defies the “set order.” And yes, while crackpots by the dozen want to “make a buck” off gullible people willing to believe just about anything, the fact remains that numerous archeological “enigmas” exist. Michael Cremo lists hundreds in his book “Forbidden Archeology”, documenting archeological finds which challenge the established view that mankind has only existed for a few hundred thousand years on this planet. There are hundreds more books out there documenting other “anomalies”, from simple digsites with human remains dating far earlier than “established timelines” allow, to “underwater cities” which have been found, yet never explored due to consensus opinion that “they can’t exist,” to artifacts which appear to be billions of years old.

And yes; I AM QUITE WELL AWARE OF THE ARGUMENTS DISMISSING THESE ANOMOLIES. The problem is that the dismissals have a tendency to rely on a few too many “just so” stories. As in “Just because I said so” by some authority without any concrete, verifiable data to back it up.  There’s been no investigation, no research, no experimentation to validate or disprove, just “it doesn’t agree with consensus, so therefore we refuse to even examine it.”

And yes. I can once again predict how many “defenders of the faith” will be willing to charge in and attack me rather than actually question the “Consensus”. But the fact remains, Science is about asking questions. It’s about finding answers. It’s about examining EVERYTHING without preconceptions and prejudices about what you will find. It’s about being willing to set aside any theory that has been falsified, and searching for a new one that explains ALL the data, not just that part of the data you are comfortable with.

And that is why I’ve probably offended many of you. And why many of you have probably decided I’m a crackpot, and dismissed anything I’ve had to say. But the fact remains, I have questions. I have doubts. I have taken a rational and logical look at evidence, and realized that there are many things that still need answers because the current “answers” fail to address all the data. And unlike many others, I simply cannot be comfortable blinding myself to evidence which indicates that the “consensus” answer is wrong.

Can these questions be answered? I think so. Are those answers the ones presented by the alternate viewpoints I’ve linked to? Who knows? The evidence I have examined merely indicates that the consensus answer is wrong, not which of the alternatives is “right”. That’s for science to decide, through further research, impartial investigation, and examination of ALL EVIDENCE.  And that will not happen so long as “consensus” is allowed to determine what “reality” is or isn’t, instead of allowing reality to define itself.

As a final attempt to provoke actual thought instead of blind reaction, I will link you to a recent talk given by Rupert Sheldrake which inspired this article:
Part One:
Part Two:

Do I agree with everything he has to say? No, but I have to admire him for his willingness to question. Because you will never find an answer unless you are first actually willing to question.


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