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I've just had a very enlightening discussion with Mr. David Brin, read many of his posts on his blog:, and a few that he directed me to.

The outcome of which is a little piece of introspection. Mr. Brin correctly points out that the chief ideological divide of our time is not truly Left/Right Liberal/Conservative or really any sort of "political" split at all.

It is rather more precisely a forward/backwards split. It is the divide between walking forward into the future, or running screaming into a never existent "golden era" of a romanticized past. It's the divide between advancing into a uncomfortable future, or demanding we retreat to a mythological "safe womb".  It's the divide between GO and STOP. Between pressing the gas and slamming on the breaks.

I believe in ecological sustainability, but I refuse to support the AGW movement.  Why? Because to me, far too much of the AGW dogma is "STOP!!!!!!&q…