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True Nanotech may have arrived

From Metamodern, Drexler himself has commented on what I've been thinking for a few months now:
This quote probably sums it all up the best: "The progress I have in mind centers on advances in atomically precise fabrication by chemical and biological means, and these advances now have reached a level that places the implementation of first-generation artificial APM systems within reach. These, however, also won’t resemble slick, large-scale, general-purpose HT-APM systems. Instead, they will support the implementation of m…
Been a lot of talk lately about the Google Phone, and how it might impact the mobile carriers and how Google has a tendancy to destroy industries. I've been posting on Gizmodo and Techcrunch about it, and thought I should probably add this to my blog.
I have a theory about Google.
The reason that Google finds ways to destroy industries is because beyond making money, I believe Google has a grand vision that they work towards.

That vision, I strongly suspect, is The Singularity.

Google seems to think not in terms of years, but in terms of decades. Their plans inevitably seem strange or nutty, but in the long term, they almost always turn out to be years ahead of the curve.

Take Google Earth. It's a neat toy, useful for looking at maps, neat how it combines maps and overlays and satellite data and Streetview, and now does stars and planets. It's a great, but not *amazingly* useful little program.

Now anyway...

But let's flashforward five years, to when you are using your VRphon…