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Sex, sex-bots, and feminism

This is a series of posts made in response to Hank Pellissier's article

I think they make some pretty good reading, and clarify my views on gender equality, sex and "sex-bots" pretty well.

Submitted by Valkyrie Ice on December 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm.

Darn it Hank! You’re letting them know that robots are even going to take my job! XP

*giggle* Well, even when I’m a real life succubus and competing with sexbots for the bedroom olympics gold medal, having a real brain might give me an edge XP

Seriously though, this has been a long standing prediction of mine. Just watch prime time tv for a hour today. I lay you odds we’ll have actual sex showing up in prime time inside of five years.

Most taboos about sex are based on the primitive herder’s need to ensure survival. For a small tribe of herders, the only way to compete was numbers. If your band was bigger than their band than you would win in a territor…