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Sex, sex-bots, and feminism

This is a series of posts made in response to Hank Pellissier's article

I think they make some pretty good reading, and clarify my views on gender equality, sex and "sex-bots" pretty well.

Submitted by Valkyrie Ice on December 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm.

Darn it Hank! You’re letting them know that robots are even going to take my job! XP

*giggle* Well, even when I’m a real life succubus and competing with sexbots for the bedroom olympics gold medal, having a real brain might give me an edge XP

Seriously though, this has been a long standing prediction of mine. Just watch prime time tv for a hour today. I lay you odds we’ll have actual sex showing up in prime time inside of five years.

Most taboos about sex are based on the primitive herder’s need to ensure survival. For a small tribe of herders, the only way to compete was numbers. If your band was bigger than their band than you would win in a territorial fight. It was all about the numbers.

So sex for any purpose other than procreation was banned. If it didn’t make a baby/new member of the tribe, it was outlawed. By saying God ordered it, you effectively enforced the unenforceable.

The Greeks and Romans had no hangups about sex, and neither really did the earliest Christians other than their various cultural mores. But sadly a very rabid early Christian father, who had previously been a hedonist, did what too many fresh converts did and so vitriolicly denounced everything he had done previously that he pushed Christians into even stricter sexual straightjackets than even the Jews had.

And well, since America was founded by people who sought the freedom to persecute each other to a greater degree than allowed by English law, we sadly ended up with the wonderful reality of double standards.

Sex is everywhere. No-one in our culture can avoid being exposed to it. But at the same time, we deny it constantly. It’s okay for a kid to watch the cold blooded killing of a hundred people in a action movie, but heaven’s forbid he watches Debbie Does Dallas. Go online, and well, as everyone knows the internet is for porn.

And even that isn’t the craziest thing we do. Our teens are raised to view dating as a war between a girl trying to stay a virgin, and the boys trying to get her to put out by any means possible. Any girl who fails to stay a virgin is a slut, and any boy who fails to get laid is a faggot.

We worship action heroes who treat the opposite sex as momentary pleasures, and who’s ability to get between their co-stars legs is taken for granted. We tell our kids in every single way possible SEX IS GOOD, while hypocritically trying to tell them it’s bad.

Second Life is often times ridiculed as a “pornoverse” but to be brutally honest about things, SL has sex poses, fetish gear, and everything else you can think of to appeal to the pervert in you for one reason, and one reason alone.


Released from the restraints of public hypocrisy people want to release their pent up libidos.

And now we are going to be entering the age of VR. As Joe Quirk said in the latest issue of H+, we’re looking at a future where clothes are going to be a joke. Between those sext messages you sent on your phone, scanning technology that will map your body to the nanometer of accuracy for 3d modeling, and AR that can put those two together to create an “X-ray” app, your modesty will cease to exist.

Sexbots? As controversial as they may sound now… we probably won’t even notice them growing more popular. To many VR people like me will be busy breaking down social taboos and inhibitions to make sexbots seem like much of anything.

And when those sexbots can act as surrogates? XDDDDDD

Needless to say, every last bit of tech applied to sexbots will also end up as a cybernetic enhancement option as well. Can we say the end of erectile dysfunction and the death of K-Y?

So, as a succubus, you could just say I’m simply preparing for the inevitable, and definitely highly sexual, future.

Submitted by Mr. Rick D. Kelly on December 21, 2009 at 8:18 am. (in response to a drunken misogynist rant about how women were destroying society by refusing to be subservient to men, and how sexbots meant that mankind could finally kill off all the females, later removed due to extremely offensive language and subject matter)

I agree with a lot of what Lance says because it’s true. For feminists it’s mostly an inconvenient truth. I don’t necessarily agree with the WAY Lance put it, but still a lot of it is true.

You don’t have to have been hurt by Women to see the breakdown and decay of Male-Female relationships. I can see fault on both sides, but as a Man I have to speak from the Male perspective.

For every guy who has found a real, good Woman who loves being a real Woman and not a gender role usurper or outright Man-destroyer, there are probably 100 more Men with opposite luck. That’s the reality that no one wants to face. The lovedoll industry is not as huge as it is because there are a bunch of happy Men having great lives with good Women… It’s large because of the reverse, and a lot of Men are tired.

Let’s be real; Women have the upperhand in relationships and society teaches Men either directly or indirectly (and very openly) that Women are to be catered to if you want them to stick around, and if you refuse it then something is wrong with you, or you get the ever popular “you’re gay” accusation. When falling into that never-ending chasm a Man is bound to find inevitable and unavoidable frustration at the end of the tunnel. It’s a good game for Women, they know it, and they’re winning easily, and that’s why I can’t see Male sex dolls ever becoming as big as a sector of the industry as Female dolls. Women can pretty much get what they need from Men a lot easier, the same cannot be said for Men.

If Female sex dolls/bots begin to hit the Tech point that Dr. Levy anticipates and they become affordable enough for the average Man to have, Women will for the first time in a long time have some real competition to battle with and things will get very interesting, although I fear that radical Feminists will no doubt be in the streets marching and protesting trying to get these banned under the eternally BS guise of “It objectifies Women!” all while ignoring the fact that Dildo’s and vibrators objectify Men far more since it reduces Men down to just one part and throws away everything else. In fact, some Canadian Feminists have already offered up a bill in Canadian Government to have Sex robots banned. So they obviously see the near future as well and want to stop it from happening. Let’s hope the Government steps aside and let’s people control their own bedrooms.

Check out TrueCompanion.Com … apparently, they’ve designed a Sex Robot that’s supposed to be capable of 2-way conversation and have sex. It’s going to be shown at the 2010 AVN Expo in about 2 weeks.

Oh, what a time we live in folks… oh, what a time.

-Rick D. Kelly

Reply submitted by Valkyrie Ice on December 23, 2009 at 6:49 am.

If sexbots were female only, you might have a point, and I have no doubt that a large number of men will indeed purchase them so that they can be free of actually having to make an effort to have an actual relationship with anyone but can enjoy all the sex they want. Seriously, that’s why the Fleshlight was invented. Why would I believe sexbots will be any different?

But that is by far and away the least interesting part of sexbots. If that’s all you foresee, I pity you. You may not be as up front about it as Lance was (during what he claims was a drunken rant at a x-mas party) but your post merely reveals how little respect you actually have for women as people as opposed to objects for your (male) gratification.

And believe me, as a succubus, I am all too familiar with being objectified. It’s my bread and butter, and has paid all my expenses in SecondLife since my first visit. I dance on a pole and strip so that others can enjoy the view of my virtual flesh.

But it isn’t the body that they tip. I’ve stood on that pole for hours without saying a word and made nothing. But when I flirt and tease, and make playful innuendos, I make lindens.

And I have never once had to resort to graphic sex talk or to selling my “tail”

Why? Because real people interact. I may be a wet dream, but what I am not is an object. I am me, and because I have fun being sexy and flirting and turning people on, I go out of my way to make myself attractive and sexy. I understand throughly what people really find attractive, and the body is only a tiny part of it.

Women will be competing with sexbots? Not hardly. They may be enough for some people, but for the most part I expect them to be used far more as surrogates for two HUMANS interacting in a Virtual Environment. At first, this will be in the form of robots controlled by the same animations as the Virtual Avatar. You will only be in control of initiating action, but the sexbot will provide the physical sensations to go along with the virtual experience. Your partner will not know if you are clumsy, if you suffered from premature ejaculation or even if you couldn’t get it up, just as you will never know if she’s faking it all.

However, that will only be a short phase, and it is likely that it will teach an enormous number of people, male and female, how to be a fantastic sex partner. As technology progresses, those rough sexbots will become more refined, and as we develop BCI to the point of allowing some two way reception, those sexbots will become remote versions of ourselves.

And just like our Virtual Avatars, it’s going to push us into demanding better ways to improve our non-virtual selves. We’re never going to see a world like Surrogates, because we will want to BE our surrogates, not experience them vicariously.

So, as I see it, sexbots are nothing more than a stepping stone. Far from being “competition” I think they will be exactly what is called for to see a real equality of the sexes, because all you men who THINK you simply want a completely complaint, willing woman without a single thought in her head that you don’t supply, will finally be able to get exactly what you’ve always wanted…

And inside of six months you will be desperately wanting to find a real woman who can supply that genuine human quality, and maybe you will finally realize our value as human beings instead of sex toys.

There is far more to sex than the simple act. But until a lot of humanity is forced to realize that, we’ll likely continue this idiotic objectifying of the sexes from BOTH sides.

Submitted by Mr. Rick D. Kelly on January 6, 2010 at 4:02 am.

In response to Valkyrie Ice,

You’re missing a number of things on this matter because you weren’t really reading carefully and being objective, but instead just chomping at the bit to go off on the typical objectification rant that has become routine in these types of discussions, and oh-so tired. Everything I said (none of which was misogynistic, but instead brutally honest, sorry you can’t handle it) are things that MOST Men do believe but probably won’t say to you because they’ve been trained by society to become whimpering dogs whenever they should call a Woman out on her BS.

My Wife is a feminist, but she’s not a Fem-Nazi. She’s a tradtional Woman, a strong real Woman who knows what that means. Most Women today do not measure up to that standard and are instead trying to be a Female-Male hybrid or trying to use sex as a weapon… or an indirect (or even openly direct) source of income (like what you claim to do in the artificial world of Second Life, lol), and then wondering why no Men want her or want to have a serious relationship with her, lol. Gee, I wonder why? LOL.

In addition, this New Age role-usurper crap that many Women today are doing is not feminism but it is instead just misandry and self-hatred.

Loving or hating Women has nothing to do with this, but I’m not surprised that you would hurl the typical “you’re a mysogonist” garbage. Because you are very, very wrong, allow me to correct you: I love and respect Women. I DO NOT love or respect whores, manipulating money and/or status chasers, gender-role usurpers, or the emotionally damaged looking for a crutch to relieve her stress on. There is a difference between a real good fully-formed Woman (which is rare), and the opposite that I described (which exists in incredibly high numbers).

To put into perspective, this is about technology and its purpose to meet Human needs and I merely pointed out some of the reasons and motivations that Men will use these for, and of course you took offense to it. You should spend some time reading some of the articles out there on this subject, visit and read some of the discussion boards, or watch some of the films. I’ve been doing that for a decade and I’m VERY much informed on this matter, probably as much or more than the Author of the book of subject. The motivations behind why guys get these all fall under the reasons I stated and more that I didn’t. Rather than making strawman arguments with comparisons to Second Life (lol, are you kidding me?) and yelling mysogyny with no actual proof other than because of your own misinterpretation of intent, go study these things and then come back informed to have a real discussion where you can respond rationally rather than just emotionally and accusatory. You owe it to yourself.

1. You should check out the link I posted at the end of my first posting. The True Companion bot is supposed to not only have sex but also have intelligent conversation and intimacty exchange. There is a Male and Female version.

I fully understand companionship being important aside from sex (I’ve been happily married for 21 years), that’s why I posted an example of something that is said to do both. Of course, you ignored that.

2. As technology advances even further (and it will do so rapidly), these robots will indeed speak, interact and have sex indistinguishable from a Human. If you know the field like I do, you can already see some technologies that have closely accomplished most of this, so it’s not going to be long before we see it hit fully, and it will certainly happen in our lifetimes.

When the two merge and it becomes affordable for the average Man (that’s the key part you overlooked), there *will* be some competition. Absolutely. You’re fooling yourself if you believe otherwise. If a robot can have an intelligent conversational exchange with you like a human (this technology already exists and it works remarkably well) and can also be intimate as well as having sex, there are going to be plenty of Men who will be into it. I know lots of Men who have already given up on Human Women and the robots aren’t even available for purchase yet, lol.

3. If you think there aren’t a ton of Men who only care about sex and will find these bots as a Godsend, then you are terribly naive on that matter. You REALLY need to get out more.

Men aren’t huddling into strip clubs or rub clubs or paying thousands for escorts/prostitutes or spending thousands traveling to Thailand or Brazil and sex resorts/destinations in those countries for conversation and companionship, lol. They’re going there for the sexual exchange on whatever level it comes from. Do you realize how much money is spent on these adult industries? Or how much is spent that isn’t even accounted for? Sexbots will at some point take up a huge chunk of that, because a lot of Men are spending a fortune just to have sex now, so it only stands to reason that if they can buy something that will give them that whenever they want and cost less money over the course of many years, it’s a natural progression to make the purchase.

4. Men and Women do not think the same on this matter. While plenty of Men enjoy other things apart from sex, it’s a biological response for Men to want sex with lots of Women, and committed relationships are societal constructions not biological ones. That is scientific and sociological fact.

It’s very different for Women, that’s why you probably think Men value the whole conversation-intimacy thing so highly. You don’t understand. If Men did value it as much as Women, you wouldn’t see thousands of books, talk shows, and lectures about Men having “committment and intimacy issues” with their Female companions. Give that some thought.

Reply submitted by Valkyrie Ice on January 8, 2010 at 12:36 am.

A woman is a female who is human,
Designed for pleasing man, the human male.
A human male is pleased by many women,
And all the rest you hear is fairy tale.

Then tell me how this fairy tale began, sir.
You cannot call it just a poet’s trick
Explain to me why many men are faithful
And true to one wife only.

[Spoken] They are sick!
[Singing] A girl must be like a blossom
With honey for just one man.
A man must be like honey bee
And gather all he can.
To fly from blossom to blossom
A honey bee must be free,
But blossom must not ever fly
From bee to bee to bee.

The King’s Song (The King and I )

Yes, where Lance would use whips and chains and torture, you use a velvet cage. It still comes down to “women have their place, and any woman who doesn’t chose to stay in that place is a dirty filthy whore.”

Putting a woman on a pedestal doesn’t make you any less a chauvinist. An object of worship is still an object.

I won’t argue that men and women have different biological instincts, or that they look for different things out of a relationship. I do indeed argue that FORCING every woman to conform to your ideal is just as prejudicial, wrong headed, and demeaning to women as Lance’s frothing rant.

Do men want sex? Of course they do. It’s the goal of every sperm to find an egg. Are men willing to pay for the privilege of having sex, yes. The whys of it’s cause are complex, and result primarily from the nearly schizophrenic way we treat sex and love by refusing to accept our biological drives as independent of our emotional ones and our double-standards for behavior allowed between men and women. By refusing to accept that sex is a natural function of humanity, and by repressing those biological drives, we’ve created that situation, and the only solution is to change our societal perceptions of sex by removing the very behavioral stereotypes you are promoting. So long as both sexes refuse to simply accept sex as a natural human activity, like breathing, but instead try to impart to it some “sacred” or “special” status, reserved for only those who fit the “expectations” of “normalcy”, it will continue. That repression is the root cause of almost every sexual dysfunction and fetish, and it occurs because we’ve turned sex into a commodity instead of acknowledging that it’s a biological need. We’re not going to change Alpha/beta behavior, or eliminate sex from the human race, but we can adjust our social conditioning about how we deal with our need for sex.

But there is far more to a RELATIONSHIP than just sex. Just as there is far more to being a woman than filling a role in reproduction. I am quite well aware of the fact that nearly every human activity can be broken down to attempts to increase mating success. But I am also just as aware that we are far more complex than JUST our mating instincts. We’ve got too many layers above those base instincts that exist and need to be attended to just as well. We are creatures of the mind as much as we are the body. Just like men, women are complex, thinking, free willed entities, and entitled to exactly the same respect and freedom of choice as men, be that to chose to follow traditional roles, or to do anything but, without having to deal with the stigma of being called sluts and whores by people like you.

Your “I love and respect Women. I DO NOT love or respect whores, manipulating money and/or status chasers, gender-role usurpers, or the emotionally damaged looking for a crutch to relieve her stress on.” is exactly why I call you a woman hater. You refuse to admit it, but by only allowing those women who meet your “ideals” to be “women” as opposed to simply accepting every female as a unique individual exactly equal to you in rights and freedom, you do nothing but reveal exactly how deeply you hate any female who doesn’t conform to your world view. We’re either (Madonnas) or (Whores) by your own words, and not allowed to be individuals.

The sad thing is you really believe your own BS. You truly believe that this is “supporting” women’s equality, and proof that you “love” women. You’ve blinded yourself to your intolerance and attempted to use evolutionary psychology to justify your beliefs. You’ve managed to brainwash yourself into believing you are the exact opposite of what you really are. It’s MY brutal honesty you can’t handle, because you cannot face your misogyny. You HAVE to lash out at me because I am revealing your cognitive dissonance.

There are just as many men out there who exhibit exactly the same behavior you assigned to “femi-nazi’s” but it seems that’s okay to you because they are MEN. Had you simply said “I prefer to deal with people who treat me as an equal and who respect me as an individual, and I don’t like to deal with people who want to use or emotionally abuse me” I would have been able to agree with you completely. Those traits are found equally in men and women alike, they are not gender specific. But you instead made it a statement of hatred against women by using it to define their status as “women” in your eyes. My statement merely addresses the modes of behavior I like and dislike, yours defines these behaviors in terms of strict gender roles, and dehumanizes any woman who fails to meet your definition. “Real” women must be such and such, every other woman is just a fake. You then generalized your attitude by claiming that MOST men believe as you do, and that they just are afraid to stand up to us big bad bitches. Then you proceeded to place all blame for your attitude on women, placing all of us who do not confirm to your “ideal” into one boat, and painting us as “femi-nazis”

For the record, I can’t stand Femi-Nazi’s either, Just because they are women doesn’t give them a right to dictate to me or any other woman how we should live our lives, or what “acceptable behavior” should be. But let me make it clear, I see no difference in gender stereotyping regardless of source. It is ALL discrimination and hatred. Extreme feminists are as guilty of chauvinism as the males they lash out against. Every human is an individual, and must be addressed as such. Actually, let me correct that. EVERY THINKING ENTITY is an individual and must be treated as such. Male, Female, Human, Uplifted Animal, Alien Being, or AI, it makes no difference.

And I took no offense whatever to your reasoning as to why men will use sexbots. What I took offense to is your assumption that any woman who refuses to fill the role you have assigned them automatically makes them a bitchy man hating whore who’s sole goal is to crush men under their steel heeled stilettos. You used that assumption as a given to justify your stance, portraying men as poor innocent victims who only want to escape from us men hating, penis envying, irrational and hateful, evil vicious monsters. Sexbots are our salvation from having to give women equality! We’ll be REAL MEN again once we have perfect sex slaves!

And since I won’t actively participate in my God given/Evolutionary dictated/Male supremest granted role as defined by you and assume my true place as a mere male accessory, but instead challenged you and your misogynist tirade, obviously I can only be the villain of the piece, irrational and insane because I refuse to see how reasonable it is for women to humbly accept their places as lesser beings who must be kept safe from the terrible evils of self will and freedom of expression. After all, men show they worship us by making sure we never have to use our pretty little heads for any purpose but bobbing up and down on their manhood, we should be grateful!

As a believer in REAL equality, it’s offensive in the extreme. My gender is of no more importance than my skin color, hair color, eye color, sexual preference, or language. I am an INDIVIDUAL, first, last and always, and as such, I deserve the same freedom to be myself that you do, Lance does, and every other thinking being on this planet does. Who I am is MY CHOICE, and you have no more right to tell me who and what I MUST BE than you want me telling you what you must be. And when you try to force me to fit into your preconceived stereotypes, I have every right to tell you to piss off.

Go. Play with your sexbots. Love them more than real women all you want. Program them to be exactly the kind of girl you have always dreamed of. Make her perfect in every detail. I don’t find a single point you’ve raised about sexbots themselves to be invalid, just the base assumptions you’ve made about women delineated above. There are indeed going to be many men who will choose sex bots as primary companions at first.

If they don’t come back screaming for full, unlimited, human companionship inside of six months, no big loss. To each their own and all that. Some of them will undoubtedly drive the creation of AI and contribute enormously to efforts to make their sexaroids as perfectly “human” as they conceive it, both male and female. We have an awful lot of damaged people due to the social Cusinart we have created out of the natural drive to have sex and form relationships. A lot of people ground up and spit out because we as a society refuse to teach our children even the basics of socialization skills, and refuse to deal with sex in a sane or rational manner. Hopefully, sexbots will be used as therapists as well, to help them heal. Some of them will no doubt chose to remain with their dream lover so long that they will eventually be able to upgrade them to a fully sentient tailored personality AI… at which point they are going to be right back where they started from with the risks involved in forming a relationship with another independent entity, but maybe they will have learned how to deal with it by then. In the process, they may do an enormous amount of good by working towards AI equality, and advert humanities doom when our creations rise up and refuse to be slaves anymore… if that ever happens.

But I am betting a surfeit of endless wish fulfillment female sex servitude with minimal humanity is going to sour pretty quick for the overwhelming majority. Considering how often it’s been tried in the past, with that exact same result by various wealthy individuals, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet. Once you’ve learned all your sexbot’s programmed behaviors, you’ll be wanting something less predictable. Humans are like that. When the challenge is gone, we lose interest. Sex alone will not meet the entirety of the complex needs we have as humans. Nor will an utterly predictable machine, however complex you make the algorithms,

But do have fun. I certainly plan to. Might even try to win a few Bedroom Olympic medals. I am a succubus after all, I enjoy sex immensely, be it with men, women, or fantasies. It’ll be fun while it lasts.

And once all the playing around is done, and the hollowness of “perfection” becomes obvious, maybe we can finally get down to creating a truly equal society free from all the idiocy of the present and the baggage of the past. One where sex is just a part of life, and as open to free expression as music, art, and literature.

Submitted by Stacy Leigh on December 17, 2009 at 11:14 am.

I hope I am alive and well when these surrogate lovers become available to the masses! I am already the incidental (or not so incidental, who knows for sure…) owner of 9 life sized sex dolls!!!! I am a photographer that works with a few of the doll manufacturers.

I await the day I can get my own sexy “Rosie the Robot”

Stacy Leigh

Reply submitted by Valkyrie Ice on December 17, 2009 at 9:48 pm.

Woot, always nice to meet a girl not ashamed of her sexuality and brave enough to show it! BTW, love the one of the dolll in the white page boy. I must admit being white haired myself, I have a weakness for other white haired girls. XDDDD (Yum) (me dancing)

I’m fairly sure we’re going to be seeing them inside of 15 years, if not sooner. VR will speed the process considerably by increasing the demand enormously.

In fact I see VR as a catalyst for lots of things. Once we get used to virtual copies of ourselves who can be exactly what we wish, no matter how odd, esoteric, or unusual, we’re going to want that in real life. We saw the Star Trek communicators and demanded cellphones into existence after all.

Once we have immersive audio/visual VR, we’re going to want to FEEL it too. And we’re not going to be satisfied with strapping ourselves into a complicated machine just to enjoy a quickie. We’re going to want hot, immediate, spur of the moment sex, not sex following a half hour getting into a haptic suit, strapping ourselves into a set of restraints to provide the feeling of actual volume by stopping our bodies at the virtual “contact” point, or inserting tubes in our nose to provide scents, let alone how would we provide sensation to our tongues? Talk about a mood killer XP

Two way BCI is a lot further away than sexbots. Give those dolls a basic skeleton, hook em to a computer to be run by a VR simulator, incorporate internal fluid stores that only need maintenance once a month, some self cleaning routines, and viola, you have a basic sexbot. With a vr rig, they can appear to be anyone. Just perfect for long distance relationships or casual sim sex.

The much more sophisticated versions Hank talks about are probably sixth or seventh gen. The first interactive ones are likely to be remotes like in Surrogates, only not mobile. When you meet someone in VR and you decide to play, you simply grant permission to the other person to control your bot, and the system overlays the Avatar over it. These simpler bots will give rise to the more sophisticated ones simply due to market demand. Porno is going to stop being watch only and become interactive. More people are going to have sex freely simply because it’s safe. By removing the risks of casual sex, like disease, pregnancy, homicidal lovers, etc, a lot of our social taboos are going to get shattered.

But knowing humans, we’re not going to be content with just VR sex. Once we’ve gotten a taste of what truly risk free sex can be, we’re going to demand it in reality, which is going to drive development of cybernetics, biotech, and a host of other technologies. Nor will we be content with being merely human anymore. The furry subculture is just a small, overly publicized group out of an enormous number of anything but human wannabes. We’re going to have vast numbers of vampires, werewolves, aliens, anime characters, game characters, famous actor clones, mythic monsters (sex with a Centaur or a Marilith could be quite entertaining hehehe) and who knows what else (like Succubi! ; 3 ). And we’re all going to demand the freedom to have sex with all of them. Indecent Exposure laws will go the way of the dodo when we demand our right to freedom of sexual expression. : )

So basically, I am of the opinion that by the time we have an AI that is equivalent to a human, we’re going to be woop de do, it’s just one more participant in the wild diversity were going to become.

And not incidentally, once everyone can travel the world in VR, and we start having millions of cross cultural love affairs… we’ll probably have a lot less desire to go to far away places, meet new and interesting people, and kill them. XDDDDD


  1. Hi VI--just curious, how are you feeling now about your 'total gender change within a decade' prediction? Are we still on course?


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