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Title: Human Stupidity
Post by:
Valkyrie Ice on Jan 13, 2006, 03:18 PM
Scene: Taco Bell
Time: Today

Me: Hello, I'd like to order.

Clerk: Certainly, what would you like?

Me: I'd like a Taco supreme.

Clerk: Hard or soft?

Me: Hard. And I would like three beef chalupa's, baja style.

Clerk: (is typing at register)

Me: And three Beef Burritos, no onions, add sour cream.

Clerk: Okay, so that was 1 Taco Supreme, a Gordita, baja style, and three bean burritos.

Me: No, it's three *chalupa's* and three *beef* burritos.

Clerk: Okay, so that's 1 taco, a Chalupa supreme, and a beef burrito, add sour cream?

Me: *sighing heavily* No, it's *1* Taco Supreme, *3* Chalupa's, *Baja style*, and *3* Burritos, no onion, just *Meat*, *Cheese*, *Redsauce* and *Sour Cream*.

Clerk: (calls manager over) How do I add sour cream to a burrito?

Manager: (types on keyboard.) Now how did you want that, Sir?

Me: 3 Burritos, no onions, just meat, cheese, red sauce, and sour cream.

Manager: (finishes typing) Got it.

Clerk: (resumes transaction.) That will be $3.10, sir.

Me: (Stares in disbelief) For the whole order?

Clerk: Yes sir.

Me: (shakes head) For 1 Taco Supreme, 3 Baja Beef Chalupas, and 3 Beef Burritos?

Clerk: (looks at order.) I have 1 Taco and 1 Burrito.

Me: Do you want to add the rest of the order to that?

Clerk: Okay, that was 1 Taco...

Me: Supreme.

Clerk: 1 Taco Supreme, a Baja Beef Chalupa...

Me : 3

Clerk: (getting annoyed with me.) Okay, 1 Taco Supreme, *3* Baja Beef Chalupas, and a Burrito with sour cream.

Me: And no Onions. And there's 3 of them too. 1 Taco Supreme, 3 Burritos, and 3 Chalupa's

Clerk: Alright. 1 Taco Supreme, a Burrito, no onion, add sour cream, and 3 Baja Beef Chalupas.

Me: (trying really hard not to reach across counter and break neck of Clerk) *THREE* burritos.

Clerk: (Calls over another manager.) It's only showing 1 burrito.

Manger2: How many burritos did you want sir?

Me: (taking deep breaths) three beef burritos with no onions, only meat, cheese, redsauce, and sour cream.

Manager2: So that's 1 Taco Supreme, 3 Baja Beef Chalupas, and 3 Beef Burritos, no onion, add sour cream?

Me: *sighing in relief that this is finally over.* Yes.

Clerk: That will be $10.49

(money changes hand)

Clerk: Here's your reciept.

Me: (Looking over reciept) This shows 2 bean burritos and 1 beef.

Manager2: Don't worry sir, I told the prep cook that they're all beef.

Me: (shaking head and sighing.) Okay.

No, I'm not making this up. It just happened. At least the food was right...